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Helping Children who fear dogs

Highly Trained Dogs

Our dogs are not only highly trained, but have to pass a very strict assessment before they are allowed to become Cynophobic Assistance Dogs.

What is Cynophobia

It is basically the fear of dogs. Most people would think it quite irrational to be morbidly afraid of dogs,   But some children are so petrified that it has an enormous impact not only on their lives but that of their family.

In extreme cases these families do not go on holiday, or simple outings to the park, or beach. This can have an effect on siblings as their activities can be curtailed.

These children may put themselves into dangerous situations in order to avoid a dog, such as running into the road, jumping into water or running away.

They can be physically sick or worse when coming in sight of a dog.

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Kent Cynophobia is run by volunteers and is completely FREE.

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Any donations will be used for equipment or general expenses.

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