What happens on your child's first visit?

firstvisitWe are pleased to say that we have the most amazing results.   Children who come in to class for the first time, and who are clearly frightened are often petting and grooming within the first hour.

It is important for parents to understand that at all times the child must feel they are in complete control, they are never forced and we ask the parents just to bring the child in and it is completely up to the child to do what they want, and if they do not want to move out of the ‘dog free zone’ so be it.     We ask parents not to make any negative comments such as ‘just go and try’,   ‘its OK, it wont hurt you’ or ‘its on a lead’.

We start with fun and games, before any dogs come into the hall.   The dogs are introduced slowly one by one. The children always have the option of either joining in or staying in the ‘dog free zone’.

The children are watched carefully by our helpers for any signs of worry or distress.



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